Gettings Started

First steps


BedWarsProxy is a plugin that can be installed on lobby/ hub servers. Do not install it on arena servers.

  1. Copy the BedWarsProxy.jar in the plugins folder and restart your server.

  2. Open config.yml and set your desired port that will be used to receive data from the arenas. This mustn't be the same as the port from

  3. Still in config.yml, insert your database credentials to sync bed-wars statistics from arenas.

  4. Restart the lobby server.

  5. Go on each bed-wars arena and open plugins/BedWars1058/config.yml. a. Here add the lobby server where you've installed BedWarsProxy, under lobby-sockets. Like this: The server IP and the port from BedWarsProxy/config.yml. This is not the server port. b. Still in this config, set the server-id to match the server from bungeecord's config. c. Set serverType to BUNGEE.

  6. Restart your arenas and enjoy.